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Jopulence - Natural Body Moisturiser

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Jopulence cares for your skin gently using a blend of vitamin-rich oils which replenish your skin naturally.

Created using ingredients which soften and protect your skin from dehydration by sealing in moisture.

Ideal for a variety of inflammatory skin conditions such as atopic eczema, psoriasis and more.

We recommend using Jopulence regularly to support your skin’s natural barrier of protection.

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil (Organic)


*Preservative-free –Water will contaminate the product, ensure water does not come into contact with the product.



*Multipurpose – face, beard, body, hands and feet

*Refills available

Net weight:50g

Warnings: Conduct a patch test prior to full use, Do not ingest, for external use only

Best for

  • Adults & Children: Curl Pop is your go-to solution for the entire family.

  • Damaged Hair: Let Curl Pop come to the rescue and breathe life back into your locks.

  • Tangled Hair: Say goodbye to knots and tangles as Curl Pop gently detangles and softens your hair.

  • Curly Hair: Define and moisturize your curls for a stunning, luscious look.

  • Coily Hair: Curl Pop handles detangling, hydration, moisturization, definition, and softening, making your hair the envy of all.

Whether you have straight, wavy, or coily hair, Curl Pop's got you covered! It defines, detangles, restores, conditions, and softens, all in one fantastic package.


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