How to use 7*Hair Silk

7*Hair Silk leaves nothing to chance when it comes to moisturisation , detangling and longevity.

Learn how versatile 7*Hair Silk can be here.

Hair Silk can be applied to wet or dry hair, but we suggest applying it to wet/damp hair for maximum effectiveness. This is because Hair Silk will moisturise your hair while the water hydrates your hair. If you seal in the hydration from the water with Hair Silk you will help your hair to stay hydrated , which will; keep it from getting dry , assist with detangling (if desired) , increase softness , provide a healthy shine.


If straightening with Hair Silk you can expect it to;

  • Reduce frizz
  • Detangle
  • Protect from heat
  • Increase results when straightening hair
  • Provide a healthy shine
  • Moisturise your hair

When we asked our customers how they thought silk made their hair look, they said that Silk.

"makes it looks like you have had your hair done at a salon"